Risk Assessment

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Property: Atlantic View HolidaysDate: 04/07/2020Risk Assessment: COVID-19 Measures
What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are you already doing to control the risk?What further action do you need to take to control the risk?
Person to contact during Covid-19 pandemic.Guests and caretaking team.
Becoming infected with Covid-19 and further spread of the infection.
  • Advising guests not to travel if they or anyone in their party feels unwell.
  • Minimise contact by:-
  • Pre-payment of self catering unit.
  • Sending guests a pre-arrival/departure pack by email informing guests of extra and normal precautions being taken to keep them safe, before their holiday, during and on departure and explaining procedures.
  • Use self check-in by providing key safes, sanitisation of which is included in the enhanced cleaning regime.
  • Advising guests to wash their hands each time they enter the house.
  • Advising guests to bring their own cleaning materials, hand sanitisers and wipes etc (which should be at least 70% alcohol).
  • Ensure guests are not present during interim cleans.
  • Maintenance visits to be arranged when guests are not in the property whenever possible, preferably on a changeover day, but in an emergency guests asked to vacate while maintenance is carried out.
  • Provide digital documents to replace appliance and instructions manuals.
  • Have an illness during stay reporting procedure, advise guests of useful contact numbers prior to arrival and display primary contact telephone number(s) in the properties.
  • Provide limited bathroom amenities in easily sanitised dispensers.
Cleaning - Incorrect or ineffective cleaning regime/materials used or cleaning regimes not recorded.Guests, cleaning staff and maintenance staff.
Anyone who enters the property.
Contaminated accommodation and spread of Covid-19.
  • Create a cleaning checklist.
  • Provide a comprehensive document detailing the cleaning regime, stating what is to be cleaned and sanitised within the property and publishing this document on the website, with email contact prior to arrival, alerting guests to the document and advising them to read it.
  • All cleaning staff must adhere to this regime and sign the cleaning checklist after each clean.
  • Ensuring that all cleaning materials are clean and fit for purpose and used in the correct way.
  • Cleaning staff to wear correct PPE equipment during each clean, and are instructed on regular hand washing and correct disposal of PPE.
  • Removing all books, games and DVDs from the properties because they are difficult to sanitise effectively.
  • Providing links on our website to the websites of tourist information and attractions, as a replacement for files of leaflets.
  • Laminating and cleaning all notices on the boards.
  • Advising guests to wash in the dishwasher or by hand any crockery and cutlery etc before they use it.
Cleaner/housekeeper not fit for work and infected.Guests, through contamination of the property during the cleaning process.
  • Ensure that all members of the cleaning team report any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 to the team leader immediately and do not come to work.
Changeover clean.Next incoming guests and cleaning team.
Contaminated accommodation and spread of Covid-19.
  • Check-in time delayed to 6pm and check-out time moved forward to 9.30am to ensure adequate time is available for the enhanced cleaning regime.
  • All changeover cleans can only be completed once guests have left the property.
  • Ensuring PPE is available to the cleaning team.
  • All cleaning/maintenance procedures to be adhered to and documented accordingly.
  • Cleaner to complete the checklist and leave a copy at the property.
  • Requiring all guests to dispose of all rubbish and to carefully bag up all line and towels prior to departure.
  • Asking guests to use the dishwasher in preference to hand washing at all times during their stay, to avoid using tea towels whenever possible and to load the dishwasher before leaving the property.
Incorrectly laundered bedding.Incoming guests and laundry staff.
Microorganisms not killed by laundering.
  • Making sure all cotton/linen bedding is washed on a full 60 degree wash cycle and not a quick wash.
  • Spraying the pillow and mattress protectors with virucidal fabric spray.
Guests becoming unwell while staying in your property?Anyone already in or entering the property or who have visited.
The spread of an outbreak of Covid-19 or other infection.
  • Advising guests by email, prior to arrival, what to do if they become unwell before arrival (do not travel) or during their stay.
  • We have advised all guests that if any member of their party becomes ill they should phone contact the caretaker, pack up immediately and all go home. They should follow the advice given by 111.
  • Making sure the cleaning team report anyone being unwell who has been in the property to the owner.
  • Asking guests to email the owner with the names and dates of all visitors during their stay, including maintenance/cleaning team members, in order that the mandatory log of visitors can be compiled and kept for 21 days minimum for the purposes of contact tracing.
  • Keeping the above mentioned log.
  • Separate the dining room table so that 2 households can eat at a social distance.
  • Suggest to guests that they do not share bathrooms with other families and keep to their own bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • We have provided information on all aspects of the property, such as caretaker details, bin lock, recycling, wireless internet, towel rails, appliance manuals and tourist information either on our website: www.atlanticview.co.uk or by email.
Original Assessment conducted by: Dr Sarah Garthwaite 04/07/2020