Lightbreeze Cleaning Check List

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Date: Property: ATLANTIC VIEW
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Appropriate protective clothing should be worn when cleaning and should be changed between properties.

Cleaning Check List

All surfaces are to be cleaned first, then disinfected with a virucidal disinfectant.

Consideration should be taken to address the impact of children as well as adults: touching lower wall heights and parts of furniture.

Key lock box cleaned
Keys cleaned
External handles wiped and disinfected
All Rooms
Internal doors and door furniture wiped and disinfected
Light and power switches wiped and disinfected
All surfaces wiped and disinfected
Electrical equipment, Wi-Fi hub and remote controls wiped down
Soft furnishings disinfected with virucidal fabric spray or swapped with spares if available
Mirrors cleaned
Window handles/latches - cleaned and disinfected
Carpets hoovered
Hard flooring hoovered and mopped with disinfectant
Disinfect bins
Washing machine / dish washer / microwave / kettle / toaster: clean and sanitise doors, handles and controls
Oven and hob: clean and disinfected surfaces, doors, handles and controls
Fridge: clean and disinfected inside and out, including handle
Pans, crockery, utensils to be washed in the dishwasher when possible ie if left empty by departing tenants.
Drawers and cupboards wiped and disinfected
Floor hoovered and mopped with disinfectant
Drawers and cupboards wiped and disinfected
Mattress and pillow protectors should be changed if required, if not a virucidal fabric spray used
Clean PPE to be worn to make up beds
Clean tiles
Clean shower / bath / sink including pedestals and splashbacks
Remove shower head and clean
Clean and sanitise taps
Clean plugholes and pour disinfectant down
Clean and sanitise bathroom products dispensers
Clean and sanitise toilet bowl using a toilet brush to agitate the cleaning process and include under the toilet rim
Flooring hoovered and mopped with disinfectant
Soak toilet brushes in bleach/disinfectant
Outside Spaces
Disinfect bin lids
Clean outdoor furniture and gates
Clean any outdoor play equipment
Barbeques – clean and disinfect handles, high contact areas
On completing the clean
Mops, buckets, dustpan and brushes, brooms, hoover handles should be cleaned and disinfected
Clean mop head should be fitted, and the used head removed to be sterilized and returned for next changeover
Return cleaned key to key safe